JerÓ am Kreischberg paradiso nelle montagne della Stiria


The Mur Valley tourist area is especially loved and appreciated by winter sports enthusiasts, but there are thousands of things that make it the ideal place for a summer holiday too.

The Upper Mur Valley may not boast the highest mountains, dozens of lakes and art treasures or opportunities for the latest extreme sports, but it offers such a wide range of attractions that there is something for everyone, whatever the season or weather.

The forests of the Murtal region, where you can breathe "the purest air in all Austria", take you back in time to the fascinating world of wood. Visit the Styrian Museum in Ruprecht ob Murau, travel Styria's "Timber Road" and admire Murau, the "timber town".

The Grebenzen Nature Reserve is the place to see some very special animals and plants.
It's an open invitation to investigate the region's waters or geology, take to a bike or rowing boat, explore the high Dürnberg moorland or relax and appreciate the cultural treasures of the St. Lambrecht Benedictine Abbey.

Hundreds of miles of pistes and cycle trails let your eyes feast on valleys, hills and lead you to lookout points that are definitely worth the climb. All this and the chance to visit the historic towns of Judenburg, Murau and Oberwölz too!


A fantastic spot for summer visitors who want to enjoy the unique scenery garlanded with trails for walking and mountain biking, the opportunity to canoe down the River Mur or play a few rounds of golf on the superb greens of the 18-hole Murau-Kreischberg Golf Club surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Or you can go cycling, river rafting, hiking, fishing, skating, play tennis, swim in the open air or in a covered pool, go horse-riding...

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